fault - milestone one / VISUAL UPDATE 2018

fault - milestone one is receiving a massive update today which includes overhauled UI, updated artwork, and 4K sprites for maximum awesomeness— all for the phenomenal price tag of $0.00 (A.K.A free).

Why all of a sudden such a huge update, you might be asking. “Shouldn’t you be working on SILENCE THE PEDANT, you hackfrauds!?”, you might say. Hold your horses for a second there mate, let us explain.

These changes were actually implemented over a year ago when we were working on the foundation for what is now SILENCE THE PEDANT, but due to circumstances, we weren't able to release it to the public… until now. This build has been sitting around for a long time and we’ve taken this spring cleaning season to dust it off this hidden gem and release it to the public once and for all.

The fault series has now moved over 420,000 copies and counting. We hope that this update will bring a fresh new feel to the beginning of the journey to seasoned fans as well as newcomers.