LAST UPDATED: 2018.7.10


When are we getting fault - SILENCE THE PENDANT?

After 2 major delays, all we can say now is... "when it's done". We don't want to give any more false dates and disappoint our audience further than we already have. We can say today with confidence though, that we've overcome most of the hardships that have plagued our production for the past couple of years and the release of StP won't be too far into the future. Every one of us at AiD (all 3 of us) are hard at work to make this the best game we have ever made.
Before you leave, I can promise you one thing here today. The next time we announce a release date for SILENCE THE PEDANT, that's the day it's coming out. You can count on it. Vilserio to all and thank you for your time!

​Director and Writer of the fault series,


Can we use official pictures?
Are we allowed to make derivative works?

We have some rules on official images as well as derivative works.
Please check our COPYRIGHT INFO page for that!


I have some questions about your works, or about AiD.

We answer a lot of questions about the characters and about the world setting in our ask.fm.
Check out our ASK archive for any questions about the fault series in general!
You can also check NEWS or our Patreon if you want to know more about our current activities and works in progress!