What is the fault Series?


“fault” is an episodic Visual/Cinematic Novel series created by doujin (aka indie) developer ALICE IN DISSONANCE. Episodes are called “milestones” and usually are about 4~6 hours in length. It depicts a story about a princess named Selphine and her Royal Guard Ritona. While attempting to make an escape from a brutal assault that has devastated their homeland of Rughzenhaide, the two mysteriously teleport to the other side of the planet. The two must figure out a way to get back home.

fault’s production cycle is heavily influenced by the Japanese manga industry, releasing a comic every 6~8 months with an on going story. To clear a common misconception; fault is not a trilogy. It is also not purely Fantasy as much of the tone is heavily influenced by Science Fiction and focuses more on human drama rather than flashy battles and wizardry. It’s methodical narrative is a homage to the Science Fiction Genre of the 70~80’s.

Please follow Selphine and the gang on their journey back to their homeland of Rughzenhaide!

Suggested Play Order

For anyone starting with the fault series, we suggest starting with any of the titles below!

  • fault - milestone one

    The first game in the series. For anyone who wants to play them in the order of release, this is the way to go.


    If you prefer to play the game in chronological order, then this is where to start.
    (currently under development / trial version available)

  • Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell

    A completely separate work from the main story, for those who want to try experiencing the AiD atmosphere and style of storytelling.

If you tried one of those games and found it quite different, give the other games a shot too!

Series Structure

The fault series is split into two arcs. Newcomers can begin playing from either one, but for those who seek a deeper understanding of the world and lore, it is recommended to start with the milestone arc.


A Journey to Return Home

The story begins with Princess Selphine and her guardian Ritona who, after miraculously escaping the fall of the royal capital and ending up halfway across the world, set out on a long journey to return home. Along the way, they will encounter numerous cultures that challenge their views and values in dramatic episodes of both tragedy and triumph.


The Protagonists' Past

The Silence the Pedant arc is a prequel depicting how Ritona became Princess Selphine's Royal Guardian. The story will be composed of a series of shorter episodes told through the viewpoints of Ritona's various friends.


fault - milestone one
Original Version
fault - milestone one
Director's Cut
fault - milestone two
side: above
fault - milestone two
side: below


2013.8.12 PC Version
2014.8.17 Directors Cut version
2018.3.27 Visual Update

The first story in the fault series. The story begins in Rughzenhaide, a kingdom that has long known peace. One night, a mysterious group of raiders attacks the kingdom's castle. The crown princess Selphine and her Guardian Ritona are forced to escape the castle and go into hiding.

However, their escape leads them to Kadia, a city halfway around the world. Completely lost, the two come across a girl named Rune, who seems to be carrying secrets of her own...

fault - milestone one

The second story in the fault series. With a new member now in tow, Selphine's party begins their journey back to their homeland. However, on the way, they suddenly encounter Melano, the leader of the mysterious group that attacked Rughzenhaide Castle. After arriving at the country of Viscanta, the group of three are embroiled in even more trouble.

​fault - milestone two is composed of two interwoven stories that take place in the same setting. The game is the first in the series to use a 3D camera, creating a parallax effect, and delivering each and every scene with a stunning sense of depth and dynamism in its camera presentation. Accompanying this is a wide variety of illustrations and CG, making for a gorgeous presentation.

fault - milestone two  side: above


In Production


The second half of episode two of the fault series.After passing out from a reckless attempt at a demanding kravte, Ritona wakes up in a special undersea facility called Vita Domain. There, she spends her days recovering from her injuries in the company of a mysterious girl named Paige while trying to comprehend the string of bizarre events that occur around them. Will she ever manage to reunite with Selphine and Rune?

fault - milestone two side: below

In Production

2022.5.28 Released on Steam

This game is the first entry in the prequel series, fault - SILENCE THE PEDANT, that focuses on the past of the fault protagonists and how Ritona came to be Princess Selphine's Royal Guardian. It is told through the eyes of Khaji, an ordinary and entirely unremarkable boy who, despite being the son of a fruit farmer, dreams of becoming a painter. His diligence and daily practice, however, soon runs up against a wall that threatens to shatter everything he's been working toward...

Latest Release


A short visual novel featuring "Fairy Bell", a fairy tale from within the fault series universe.​

Instead of using character sprites, 150 different illustrations have been created to accompany the story. Again utilizing the 3D camera, the game is delivered like a picture book, with a highly visual approach and varied use of camera work. Gentle, heartfelt music rounds off this children's tale.​

As a spinoff, this does not require any prior knowledge of the fault series characters, and there are no spoilers within the game.

Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell



Release date to be announced

A prequel to the fault series. Ritona is the main character of this story, which tells how she became Selphine's guardian. ​

Having lost her one and only remaining relative, her grandfather Eiyus when he perished in the line of duty, she begins to harbor doubts in serving Rughzenhaide. The Reighnvhasta family has served Rughzenhaide for generations as their royalty's Guardian, and in her mind, the country had taken him away from her. Ritona now considers breaking off from that tradition, to lead a different way of life. ​

This game delivers the world view from Rughzenhaide through a combination of unique characters, human drama, and high quality visuals.